Artstream Nomadic Gallery   Facebook   Instagram

The Artstream Nomadic Gallery has been putting contemporary ceramic art on the street since 2002. It is a traveling exhibition space housed in a restored 1967 Airstream trailer. Based in Carbondale, CO, over the past 15 years it has exhibited in more than 150 locations, from Los Angeles to New York, Houston to Minnesapolis.

Artstream Library 

The Artstream Ceramic Library is a social-outreach project whose mission is to connect contemporary functional ceramics with ordinary people. Similar in structure to a literature-based library, the Ceramic Library loans out unique handmade cups made by thirteen nationally-known potters, for a period of seven days.

Harvey Meadows Gallery   Facebook   Instagram

Specializing in contemporary ceramic art, sculpture, painting and works on paper by nationally and internationally recognized artists, the Harvey/Meadows Gallery is a hotbed of exciting contemporary art. With different monthly exhibits, the gallery showcases the work of established and emerging contemporary artists. Co-owners Sam Harvey and Alleghany Meadows are both ceramic artists who bring deep passion and knowledge of the art world to the gallery context. Works represented at the gallery span the breadth of contemporary art.

Studio for Arts + Works  Facebook   Instagram

Designed as a collaborative space for creative professionals and professional creatives, Studio for Arts + Works (SAW) was remodeled from a auto mechanic shop into artist studios and minimalist, industrial-style offices on a modest budget using non-toxic, salvaged and recycled materials wherever possible.

The tenant mix at SAW (potters, painters, jewelers, sculptors, service professionals) showcases our commitment to enhancing the vitality of our community through our work. Though SAW doesn’t have regular hours (as the tenants are working artists and keep their own day-to-day schedules) the SAW gallery space is open to the public upon request and hosts local art events.