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UGA Ceramics in Cortona, Italy

Since 1970, the UGA Cortona Program, located in the rolling hills of Tuscany, Italy, has been a leader in education abroad.

It is the University of Georgia’s oldest study abroad program, calling the town of Cortona home for nearly 50 years.

Cortona has a rich ceramic tradition dating back to the time of the Etruscans, and there are several active clay mines in the vicinity. UGA Cortona Ceramics students therefore use local terra cotta clay for both hand-building and throwing. A basic majolica and low-temperature glaze coupled with slips, stains and terra sigillata provide a broad palette for glazing.

The ceramics studio consists of a long, vaulted room that is divided into sections for wheel throwing, hand building, and glaze storage and mixing. 

The throwing area contains five electric wheels and one kick wheel; a nearby work space houses two additional kick wheels.  

Ceramics: Instructor Alleghany Meadows

  • ARST 2500 - Introduction to Ceramics -Development of personal expression using the ceramic process.

  • ARST 3500 – Intermediate Ceramics - Sculptural and functional ceramic forms with an emphasis on personal expression and individual style.

  • ARST 4500 - Advanced Ceramics